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CWWUC Meeting

Wed., April 11, 2018
Littleton/Englewood WTTP
2900 S. Platte River Drive
1 p.m.

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Monthly meetings are held at:

Littleton/Englewood WTTP
2900 S. Platte River Drive
1:00 p.m.

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Wed., May 9, 2018
1 pm

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Job Shadowing

Job Shadowing is used in many organizations as an "on-the-job learning, career development and leadership development" tool. The Colorado Wastewater Utility Council provides this option to regulatory agencies and wastewater utility staff, both large and small. Our program is specifically focused on job knowledge sharing with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Water Quality Control staff, EPA staff and other wastewater utilities staff. It is an opportunity to experience close up, the wide range of operations and regulatory applications within the wastewater field. This experience can provdie a short observational experience which will advance job knowledge and enhance relationship building among agencies and utilities.

Job Shadowing Opportunities are:

  • Follow an Operator on daily duties
  • A day in the Laboratory
  • A view from the regulated side
  • What does it take to maintain large wastewater treatment equipment
  • Sampling the river upstream and downstream of a wastewater discharger

To set up a job shadowing experience, send an email with your request to admin@cwwuc.org.