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Membership Information

Membership Information

Working together for a common cause


Colorado Wastewater Utility Council Members

Join now and become part of our wastewater utility community that is united in achieving similar goals to protect the environment and affordable wastewater services.

Utility members of the Colorado Wastewater Utility Council (CWWUC) benefit from collaboration and join funding of legal assistance and research needed to ensure that regulations and policy not only have a positive impact on the environment and human health, but also ensure that wastewater services remain affordable for the communities we serve.

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Take your seat at the table

Wastewater utilities all over the state of Colorado have worked together since the early 1980’s to share information and have a united voice to represent the wastewater industry in policy and regulation development.

Membership dues enable utilities to provide access to members of their staff regular networking with other utility professionals throughout the state.  We provide up-to-date information to our members that helps to ensure that they are able to understand  and prepare for how regulations, policies and current events may impact their operations.  Additionally, members collaborate and assist one another to address similar challenges.

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